Our Services

Global Debt Collector have Professional Associates around the globe and who are certified specialists in bad debt collection and work on a No Collection plus No Fee policy, which means that your pockets will never be out of money till we are collecting, With over 32 countries associates’ GDC has developed a proven collection formula with a high success rate.

Global Debt Recovery Services works with business-2-business. Commonly known as “B2B” all over the world to retrieve money owed to our clients by debtors. Your assigned Debt Collector Coordinator will align with you to understand your Financial & Legal matters, answer all your questions, keep you fully informed of progress and ensure the prime outcome for your business.

Our Services includes

  • Debt Recovery Services

    • Bounce Check Handling
    • Recovering Long Outstanding Dues
    • Financial Disputes
    • Skip Tracing
    • International Debt Recovery Services
    • Debt collection Dubai
  • Legal Services & documentations

  • IP Lawyer

  • Business Setup Documentations

  • Labor Disputes

  • Domain Name Disputes

  • Trademark Registration

Our services are shaped to suit your Business demands. We aim to work as a team with your credit control department to maximize your cash flow and minimize your debtor days. Using our skill we recommend a successful plan for debt recovery.

We are among the few top-rated and best debt recover/ collection agencies around the world. We provide services for Debt Collection, Debt Recovery, Asset Tracking, Documents verification, Identity verification and many more. As a debt collection agency we have shown satisfaction and proven results to our existing customers. Our collection team is well trained and keeps up to the highest standards of professionalism and expertise.

GDC is one of the best Law firms of its kind which Provides Debt Collection Services in UAE and different nations in the fastest way by utilizing Legal Channels. We are specialised with considerable authority in the collection of business and individual debts and in addition numerous different parts of recovery and debt collection services for local and international bodies. We can be procured for pre-collection or pre-loaning support here in UAE and globally.


Law offices of numerous types require an exceptionally specific type of showcasing. B2B Law firms must draw in with forthcoming customers right on time as they are regularly working with different merchants before holding a legitimate firm .Building trust and belief is a basic part for law offices, and this is done through astounding matter advertising that highlights your past successes and achievements.


The point when a trade invoice becomes overdue is the time you need to start chasing payment. At Global Debt Recovery, we perceive this first phase of debt collection can give an important chance to you to improve your relationship with your client. Something as simple as a repayment plan or negotiations brokered locally to your customer in their own language often yields the best debt recovery results without the need to resort to more expensive litigation. There is no single reason behind why a debt may be unpaid; in this way we accept there ought to be no single way to deal with settling the debt.


Whether your debtor is over the road or over the globe, we have a profoundly energetic group of mediators with an energy for their employment. Debt recovery achievement is accomplished by concentrating on tact, determination and a comprehension of individual and business conditions. This approach helps us to accomplish comes about while keeping up the estimation of your image. Separately, joining the correct strategies with the ideal individuals, we coordinate your administration necessities, guaranteeing ideal recovery of both expansive and little debts, which may have beforehand been viewed as futile.


Here at GDC we serve you in the following ways:

· Understanding the transaction procedure: GDC is profoundly powerful bill collectors perceive that arrangements are a procedure. It requires a comprehension of the charging, credit endorsement and installment forms.


· Focusing on a Win-Win situation: Win-win implies both parties feel like they have won amid the collection procedure. GDC might help their clients or debtors attempt to take care of issues and search for chances to make that conceivable. We likewise know when to be firm and breaking point what they do keeping in mind the end goal to achieve an assention that is adequate for both parties.


· Patience: To many bill collectors attempt to go for the speedy settle so they can get paid and proceed onward to the following record. Worldwide Debt Collector, out experts here realize that tolerance is an ethicalness and that surging the collection procedure frequently prompts to not getting paid. Awesome bill collectors set aside opportunity to assemble data BEFORE reaching the debtor or client, they ponder conceivable arrangements and this is basic since significant mix-ups can be made when you surge, some of them including violating the law (FDCPA).


· Confidence: GDC is certain when making a collection call or gathering face to face. To achieve this level of certainty, we have dependably had confidence in our capacity to achieve a win-win concurrence with the debtor. This certainty is increased through involvement, the more debt collections you do, the better you get to be grinding away.


· Listening Skills: People will educate you simply regarding all that you have to know whether you ask the correct inquiries or stay silent sufficiently long for them to keep speaking We are here to hear you out and get your basic data that will help us in their collection endeavors.


· Comfortable Communicator: One thing is without a doubt, specialists at GDC aren’t hesitant to request cash and data important to stay in contact with the debtor. They additionally realize that they need to once in a while endure debtors who are baffled with their circumstance and take it out on the collector. The great ones know how to release these things.


· Creative Problem Solver: GDC observes approaches to be inventive issue solvers. Through proposals for option cash sources, separating installments into chomp estimate pieces or the offer of a program that will help the debtor stand up. Thinking on their feet and being innovative is unquestionably the sign of an extraordinary collector.


· Competitive: Our experts at GDC are extremely focused. They don’t prefer to lose so they work industriously to gather more than their associates beat the complaints of the debtor and essentially observe approaches to be fruitful in a troublesome circumstance.