For the most part, German customers do try and pay on time. Still, it is advisable to have good credit management. Often it is already clear whether legal proceedings will be required depending on the reaction to the first demand letter. The German legal system is focused on upholding clear contractual agreements, so you must have your paperwork in good order to prove your claim in a German court. At GDC, our German debt recovery lawyers have all of the experience and expertise to make your debtor pay.

Professionalism approach is guaranteed when it comes to the debt collection in Germany. Very minimum cases of in service poor quality is witnessed from our clients. When dealing with the debt collection, GDC provides a protocol under which the members within the Germany regions follows so as to minimize the cases of fraud.
The organizations are able to receive all the benefits of our services and enjoy them. All the overdue accounts are recoverable.

The legal processes are followed during the process of recovering the debts. The sole aim of creating an environment that favors out clients is to ensure there is a mutual understanding between the parties lending the money or any other materials and the parties borrowing.

The payment behavior of domestic firms is good and the courts are efficient in delivering timely decisions however, professional pre-legal negotiation efforts remain the most efficient means of collecting debt. The purpose of insolvency proceedings in Germany has long been to realize the debtor’s assets to repay the creditor’s debt. As a result, liquidation has in practice remained the default procedure and the system provides no genuine support to unsecured creditors when it comes to collecting debt from insolvent creditors.


Court Proceedings:


As a general rule, business disputes in Germany fall under the jurisdiction of District Courts (Landgerichte) which usually provide specialized divisions in charge for commercial matters (Kammern für Handelssachen), intellectual property or competition. Payment-related legal proceedings are dealt with through the Payment Order Court (Mahngericht) of the district courts. In practice, the amount of the claim conditions jurisdiction but the specialized divisions are rarely approached for collection purposes.
Quality, service and professionalism are therefore guaranteed



Our debt Collection in Germany Services works with businesses all over the world to retrieve money owed to our clients by debtors. Your dedicated Debt Collector Coordinator will work with you to understand your Financial & Legal matters, answer all your questions, keep you fully informed of progress and ensure the prime outcome for your business.Our services are shaped to suit your needs. We target to work as a team with your credit control division to maximize your cash stream and minimize your debtor days. Using our skill we recommend a plan for debt recovery.


All types of organizations enjoy the benefits of our Debt Collection & Legal services. We recover overdue accounts for industrialists, retailers, exporters, Freight & logistics, accountants and others.

We set high standards on providing an efficient & effective service. Debt Collections in USA Services has years of debt recovery understanding & pleased customers include industries, retailers, accountancy practices, and companies in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Singapore, Australia, Russia, China, Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain and USA. Our core strength is our Professional service providing successful mediation, dispute resolution and installment scheduling to ensure successful debt recovery.