Legal DIFC Will Writing Services by Best Lawyers in UAE

A DIFC will is a well-known document for the non-Muslim testator and concerned authorities. This document helps them to highlight the distribution of the assets to recognize them legally. Non-Muslim’s can protect their interest in properties, financial assets, and businesses to beneficiaries through this initiative. The will drafting service needs to be valid and recognized by UAE law. 

This law is a good initiative taken by the DIFC court for non-Muslims. It protects the distribution of their assets, particularly estates. Our law firm offers will writing services in Dubai by associate lawyers who provide legal advice to clients in preparing a will. Moreover, they will assist them in writing the Will according to the requirements of the testator. 

What happens if one fails in Writing a Will? 

If in case non-Muslims failed to register will by law, then the government of UAE will not consider it. The UAE Law of Inheritance, which is ruled by the Sharia Law for distributing assets, is applied in this situation. This decision will be taken by the UAE court of law. 

Pros of getting expert DIFC Will Writing Services in Dubai 

  • No need for Sharia law
  • Simplified procedures for registration
  • Wide range of assets can be included
  • No Estate tax 

Requirements for Registering DIFC Wills 

Following things should be considered before registering a will:

  • DIFC Will drafting service is only applicable for non-Muslims
  • The minimum age of non-Muslim testators and concerned authorities should be 21
  • Before writing a will a testator should have evidence of his/her property in Dubai
  • The testator should be an owner of at least one asset in Dubai
  • The testator should have a child living in Dubai, Sharjah, or Ajman.

Above all

Our associates will writing lawyers have dealt with a fine number of will applications. They are expert in providing will writing services in Dubai. They are knowledgeable and give precise information to non-Muslim individuals to draft their Wills. They also help you in registering you will to DIFC Will Registry.