Notarize your documents by our Notary in Sharjah

Within UAE, notarization of certain documents is carried out to recognize it officially. This process is upheld by Notary public Sharjah which is approved by the court of law. Our associate lawyers in UAE are given license for notary position. They attest documents so that they can obtain official recognition in UAE

What Kind of Documents are Required for Notarization?

Following document needs to be attested by notary lawyers in UAE:

  • Company legal documents
  • Marriage documents
  • Educational certificates
  • Certificate for Power of attorney(POA) 

Conditions under which Document are Attested by Notary in Sharjah

The person notarizing a document should meet the following basic conditions:

  • For some crucial documents the associated person needs to be present there otherwise the document will not be signed.
  • All the residents of UAE either permanent or temporary should bring original and copy of UAE identity card
  • Bring the original copy of the document that you want to notarized

Restricted documents for notarization in UAE

Documents which cannot be notarized by Notary public Sharjah are:

  • Transactions associated with the personal status of Muslims
  • Transactions that are related to the right of ownership
  • Transactions associated with desecration of law

Services offered by our public Notary Sharjah

Our associate lawyers and legal consultants are applicable for notarizing your documents. They entertain you in the following way: 

  • They provide authenticate signatures on your documents 
  • They verify the dates provided on the documents
  • They are licensed for attesting all testimonies and statements 
  • They can add any information needed for notarization according to the law

To Sum Up

Our associate notary in Sharjah has the legal authority of attesting and notarizing your documents. Moreover, they work in accordance with UAE jurisdiction and are experts in handling any issue. No matter either you are in Sharjah, Zeyd city, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, or in any other state of UAE our associate notary will provide you notarizing services.  

We aim to meet your needs competently and provide you avoid legal advice if needed. So, contact our associate notary and avail of our legal services. If you have any issue related to notarizing then contact our law firm