Property Disputes

Property Disputes cases requires highly professional and legal knowledge as Your Property is probably your most precious asset. we know the value of your property & Our Team make sure your Assets are well protected and managed. We Handle Real Estate cases in Debt Collection (out of court) & Through Court as well, with professional and experienced team. Don’t be at the end of the line as an unsecured creditor. Obtain advice now to ensure that your assets, loan or monies are secured by us. We follow a professional study and carefully organized steps to recollect your debts. Our main approach is to:

  • Review your group structure, asset protection strategy and inter-entity arrangements and have security interests registered with the PPSR.
  • Review your business’s governing documents (partnership agreements, succession agreements and/or company constitutions) and update them
    if necessary to ensure that any security interest created under them is registered with the PPSR.
  • Identify assets affected and transactions that need to be registered.
  • Review the terms and conditions in the contract documentation in relation to retention of title clauses, personal guarantees, charging clauses
    and any other security interests.

Enrolling your security interests is essential in guaranteeing that you can recover your cash and can secure resources, putting you in front of the line of unsecured lenders in case of debtor indebtedness. Global Debt Collector can give you the tools to help you and your organization create forms. We cover purchasers, associations, lenders and specialist organizations and can be utilized for material things from vessels, troops, autos, stock, plant and apparatus and shares to records, protected innovation, venture instruments or licenses. Contact the Global Debt Collector group to acquire guidance now.

Typical problems a property lawyer can resolve include illegal possession, ancestral property settlement, and builder harassment, property disputes between siblings, relatives, home buyers, real estate agents and brokers. Utilize Global Debt Collector to procure a top of the line property legal advisor in any part the world over to record or guard a parcel suit, title debate and for due persistence of your property’s archives.

Some basics you need to know about your rights:

  1. First, you can sue for continuing trespass or ejectment. This type of lawsuit can win you money damages in some cases, especially if you can show that the value of your home has been diminished by your neighbor’s extensive, continuous occupation over part of your land.

Second, you can sue for a declaratory judgment. A declaratory judgment is a way to put your dispute in front of a judge, and have the judge make a legal determination as to whether or not you own the subject land. It simply entails a neutral jurist making a determination based on the applicable deeds and laws.Our property lawyers  in Dubai can help you in all type of legal matters in UAE.We have great reputation in UAE.